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PowerMeMobile provides Application Programming Interfaces (API), which are customizable SMS solutions allowing businesses get mobilized within their existing environment.

«SMS lends a cachet of benefits to businesses that decide to employ it now, especially to those that develop creative, value-added notification applications».

Applications in which SMS API can be utilized are virtually unlimited. We will detail some common examples.

Websites offering Web-to-SMS features

It is proven that portals offering Free SMS are attracting a huge number of visitors and subscribers.
Mobile Operators offer basic Web-to-SMS features to attract users and visitors to their portals, therefore, increasing interactivity and loyalty among their subscribers

Web-to-SMS applications can be enhanced with the following features:

  • User accounts Creation and Management:
    • A Generator of SMS activation codes
    • Account Credits or Units system (free and paid credits)
    • Account History
  • Online purchasing via credit cards
  • Delivery platform enabling Mobile Content sales on your website

Creating 2-way SMS services
2-way SMS services are unlimited: Users can Pull any information by texting a given number, then the system will query a database and API will generate an SMS-reply with the relevant information.
Usually such services are run over Premium short-codes.
Examples of 2-way applications include Directory, Movies, Horoscope.

Enable Automated SMS Notifications and Alerts
SMS is a very suitable technology for delivering alerts and notifications of important events, because:

  1. A mobile phone is a device that is carried by its owner most of the time.
  2. SMS is immediate.
  3. SMS technology allows the "monitoring and push" of information on a certain event.

This is the case of:

  • E-commerce and Credit Card Transaction Alerts
  • Banks enabling Account Balance notifications
  • Insurances enabling Policy expiry notifications
  • Stock Markets Alerts
  • Breaking news Alerts
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Remote System Monitoring, generating System-Down Alerts notifying concerned people
  • Flight delay notifications
  • Email and Fax reception notifications
  • Shipment and Courier delivery notifications

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How can you do it ?

By using :

  • MM API Component: Allows you to integrate SMS features into any Windows software or Web page; this is a programming method that can be used in any language to send SMS. This of course requires change/addition to your software and should be handled by experienced IT professionals. 
  • ServiceMonitor Software: Designed for automated SMS - it is a windows service that you can configure via a simple GUI. It monitors one or more tables that you specify (tables can be any kind SQL, Oracle or any DB application). When it detects a new entry in this table that matches a given filter, then it will compose an SMS based on the fields you have defined and will send the SMS automatically. The advantage is that ServiceMonitor requires no or little change to your current infrastructure and does not require extensive programming know-how.
  • Customized Solution: PowerMeMobile can develop any mobile related application.

«Let's mobilize your business».

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