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Digital distribution of content over mobiles has introduced new challenges to both content owners and technology providers. Advances in technology have facilitated end users unregulated distribution of content. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology that allows content owners to deliver digital content to consumers with mobile specifying usage rights.

DRM technology allows content providers to introduce new business models based on usage rules. Content providers have the option of defining such things as number of times a particular piece of content can be played, content expiration dates and previewing of content by a customer prior to purchase.

With PowerMeMobile DRMMobileKey, users can forward content via MMS, Bluetooth and Infrared, and operators or service providers can generate revenue on all transactions.

The PowerMeMobile DRM MobileKey SDK adds powerful capability for any mobile content business. It allows you to have much finer control over the distribution of your content. You decide which rights to give your users, including the ability to 'rent', 'superdistribute' and preview content prior to purchase.

DRM MobileKey provides simple semantics that can be used to implement DRM. It features three content delivery mechanisms:

  • Forward Lock, the mobile phone software does not cooperatively allow content to be removed from the phone.
  • Combined Delivery, the mobile phone receives content and a set of rights associated with that content together in one package.
  • Separate Delivery, the mobile phone receives content and a set of rights associated with that content in separate packages. The rights package also contains a content encryption key that is used to decrypt the content on the mobile phone. The content encryption key is sent over SMS to the mobile phone.

The SDK package comes with samples in various programming languages showcasing how you can start protecting your content with a minimal investment.

DRM MobileKey helps raise the content providers' level of assurance when delivering digital content over any content delivery system. DRM MobileKey supports varied business syntax and semantics that allow content providers to maintain current business models as well as develop new ones.