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In our networked world of connectivity, most consumers use their computer to browse the Internet.

Their needs are different finding information on search engines, exchanging email with friends, downloading songs or sharing pictures.

This Internet Explorer Add-In will enhance the user’s browsing experience allowing him to send SMS and MMS without interrupting his browsing experience. Any picture or text can be selected and sent directly from the browser. Shipping with an integrated phonebook, this plugin will bridge the user’s browsing experience with his mobile phone.

Present your wireless network directly to consumers – wherever they are in cyberspace:

  • Put your logo & brand in front of your subscriber – via the most watched PC tools (Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox browsers, or just a shell extension)
  • Allow your users to reach your network from their PC
  • Put your wireless network one click away from any site
  • Drive SMS and MMS traffic to your network from users on their PCs
  • Forward any Internet and/or PC content to an MMS on your network
  • Convert any Pictures, Sound, Video and Text from the Internet or PC to wireless content
  • Enable subscribers to send self generated content via your network, providing them with means to share and deliver their private pictures, hobbies, preferences (community, religion, sports) or other creations

Make it easy for subscribers to send messages:

  • Remove the need to remember long internet addresses of your portal
  • Remove the need to use a username and password for each login to the portal
  • Give them tools in their natural, known environment
  • Enable the user to type SMS with the ease of a PC keyboard and mouse
  • Forward any PC or Internet picture, sound or video as MMS on your network
  • Give your subscribers a “one click” MMS messaging tool that combines: Pictures, Sounds, Video and Text
  • Handle all the media conversions, adaptations, transcoding and resizing your subscribers
  • Message Manager MMS composer and player, provides the subscriber with the ability to preview how the message will look on a mobile devices

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