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PowerMeMobile enhances your offered corporate and consumer SMS and MMS solutions with its highly effective solution built especially for operators.

The platform was created to maximize the exciting communication and marketing potential of SMS & MMS. Founded on the concept of dealers selling a service, Message Manager® enables corporate clients and consumers alike to deploy a messaging solution to their users without a hassle - making it cheaper and easier to communicate with your customers, suppliers, staff, management or any other group.

PowerMeMobile's messaging platform offers wireless carriers and service providers integrated messaging solutions, with advanced features to provide a reliable and scalable solution that meets the messaging needs of wireless service providers.

The messaging platform provides carriers with flexible options for their corporate or consumer services.

For operators, the enormous advantage of PC-to-mobile messaging is that it will increase revenues.

Getting customers to start using mobile data services has been an uphill struggle for many operators. PC-to-mobile messaging is a good way to introduce more customers to data services, bringing them higher up the value chain.

By providing a value-added service that customers find useful, operators also increase loyalty to their brand. They also increase the exposure of their brand by importing it to the customer’s desktop.

If you are interested to enhance your services via an award winning messaging solution, then look no further.

MessageManager platform carries a wealth of features:

Redundant system allowing load balancing and failover, offering 100% uptime with minimal required support. An SNMP system is integrated to send alerts and alarms.

The platform offers an unprecedented number of interfaces depending on the intended corporate or consumer usage. Access the platform via a Desktop Client, an AJAX Web interface, an IE toolbar, MSN, MS-Outlook or via your Handset.

Message Manager® offers the easiest access to 2-way messaging, allowing your customers to create massive interactive campaigns and to receive feedback directly on their workstations.

Three methods to fight spam include: allowing users to block all or specific SenderIDs, programming the system to ask users for authorization prior to sending an SMS or assigning a spam tolerance period for users.

Messages sent by the software are transmitted over secure channels directly to the servers. This highly protected environment for mobile applications is a source of guaranteed security to customers sending sensitive data.

The platform integrates with the charging/mediation systems for consumers and corporate entities. Integration with IN for prepaid consumer or CDR generation for postpaid consumers are available, as well.

Message Manager® allows you to move to the high end retail/banking/developers sector by offering a complete SDK for developing applications that use your message infrastructure.

Features abound! Such as a software integrated phonebook with 2 million records support that is connectable to MS-SQL or Oracle, unique personalization features, support for up to 100,000 messages at once, MMS integrated composer/preview and a stunningly customizable interface to fit your image.

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