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Automate my business to send mobile messages
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Integrate SMS and MMS into my applications
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Get a gateway to send and receive mobile messages
Offer my consumers a mobile blogging solution
Prevent my mobile content from being distributed for free
Provision subscribers' handsets with OTA services
Determine subscribers' handsets models and features
Locate unique mobile content
Create distinctive premium sms services
Partner with you to introduce services and content
Send SMS and MMS to my customers
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PowerMeMobile offers simple SMS and MMS gateway connectivity for those who need to send mobile messages from their systems, websites, or applications. Using PowerMeMobile's API (Application Programming Interface) integration is fast, simple and reliable.

PowerMeMobile will connect you to the wireless world through simple integration! You will be able to send SMS and MMS messages to your clients, staff or user-database - around the globe.

PowerMeMobile provides integration through: HTTP, COM API, SMTP and SMPP. Various technology solutions are been provided to ensure that integration can be used cross-platform, supported by different Operating Systems, different compilers / IDEs and supported by various Web Servers.

Our Wireless modular services can plug into your existing infrastructure using open standards and allow you to access:

· SMS sending
· Powerful MMS sending capabilities
· UDHI (User Data Header Indication)
· WAP Push messages
· WAP OTA configuration of settings and bookmarks
· Ringtones, Logos and other Binary Data

Example Source code is provided in: ASP, C#.NET, Java, VB, VB.NET, VC++/C++.NET