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MobileMediaGrabber® (MMG) is a new generation mobile application- using a cool wizard mode, anyone can grab a segment of music from their favorite CD, file or self-recording and send it to their phone by using operator shortcode premium billing numbers. The same mode enables the user to create and send his/her favorite picture to become a mobile wallpaper.

MMG® opens up a new market segment of PC-to- Mobile business opportunities with an unlimited library of user-created products.

With its centrally managed and multi-layer architecture, MMG®  can be easily deployed on operators’ websites, portals and even music CDs - driving mobile personalization a step further.

«Create a new revenue stream for delivery of content to mobiles by converting pc content into mobile content».

The interface of MMG® can be skinned to fit the graphic requirements of any party.


  • Creates ringtones from many input sources: CD, MP3, WAV file, Microphone or Radio/TV recording.
  • Creates wallpapers from the screen image, a file, a scanner or a webcam.


  • Select any part of a song you wish to turn into a ringtone, or add some effects to a favorite tune.
  • Edit and/or add effects to a picture before turning it into a wallpaper.
  • Download MMG® as a desktop application or use it within Internet Explorer.

Proprietary Technology:

  • Delivery can be made by WAP Push or by MMS depending on operator needs.
  • MMG® is a content conversion application that can be integrated into any third-party delivery platform.

Operation Chart:

  1. User downloads and runs MMG® on his/her PC as a desktop application.
  2. User creates a ringtone or wallpaper using the available interfaces.
  3. User submits the created mobile item to the MMG® platform which replies with an access code and a premium billing number that notifies the user how to retrieve his/her created item.
  4. User sends the access code to the premium billing number by SMS
  5. The operator delivery platform communicates with the MMG® platform to retrieve the actual mobile item as requested by the user and sends it as WAP Push or MMS to the recipient.