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Automate my business to send mobile messages
Start a portal to offer mobile products
Integrate SMS and MMS into my applications
Convert any item to mobile easily
Get a gateway to send and receive mobile messages
Offer my consumers a mobile blogging solution
Prevent my mobile content from being distributed for free
Provision subscribers' handsets with OTA services
Determine subscribers' handsets models and features
Locate unique mobile content
Create distinctive premium sms services
Partner with you to introduce services and content
Send SMS and MMS to my customers
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Power Me Mobile Premium SMS services offer many potential services for mobile operators, content providers, or service developers and marketers looking how to generate immediate revenue from their mobile applications, services or payment solutions.

Premium SMS works through the use of Short Codes with a specified tariff assigned to each number.

We can provide a multitude of info & entertainment services in SMS, MMS, Push or Pull mode or by periodic subscriptions. Content ranges from directory services to guides, entertainment, translation, dictionary and religion in both English and Arabic.

The SMS services will enable your users to get instantly on their mobile the information they need to know wherever they are and whenever they want!! That’s not all; SMS services can also be Fun.

If you have a premium service idea you’d like to launch, contact us and we will develop it for you.

Hereunder, you can find for every user a Power Me Mobile SMS service to meet his needs.

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