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PowerMeMobile offers a leading software – MessageManager ServiceMonitor – for rapidly introducing and successfully operating SMS and MMS value-added consumer services and enterprise mobility applications.

Upon occurrence of business-critical preconfigured events, the system takes care of delivering the messages, processing the delivery notifications and responses.

ServiceMonitor is a windows service configurable via a simple GUI to monitor one or more databases/tables that matches your filters.
It will require no or very little change to your current infrastructure and does not require extensive programming know-how.

ServiceMonitor leads to significantly shorter response times to critical situations and helps organizations to master the challenges of real-time processes, such as the banking sector, IT systems, assembly lines, manufacturing facilities and business critical installations.

This software can be your 24/7/365 assistant in:
• Constantly monitoring the predefined parameters in specified files;
• Immediately sending an SMS to the person responsible
• Sending periodical SMS to the mobile numbers specified in your databases

«ServiceMonitor is your business instrument, your marketing tool, and your management device».

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