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Offer my consumers a mobile blogging solution
Prevent my mobile content from being distributed for free
Provision subscribers' handsets with OTA services
Determine subscribers' handsets models and features
Locate unique mobile content
Create distinctive premium sms services
Partner with you to introduce services and content
Send SMS and MMS to my customers
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A well-known fact of undeniable importance is that SMS is a crucial advertising tool in today's world.
You want to start an SMS campaign but you do not know how and what is the best way to do so?

It's Easy! Let us manage your campaigns either by sending them yourself using Message Manager or by letting our SMS specialists do all the work for you!

PowerMeMobile has been in the SMS business since 2001, therefore we can offer you our expertise and know-how, whether you want to send to your own recipients or to a targeted audience, giving you the opportunity to reach new potential customers or to build brand awareness and loyalty.

«Our SMS services cover over 135 countries and 353 networks».

Soon this website will permit you to handle an entire SMS Campaign by yourself. For the time being, please visit

You have no time, no resources to manage your SMS campaign independently

PowerMeMobile is the answer. Our partnership can help you!

  • Reach a new potential audience: We can target by age, sex, region, profession or education. Note that we can send targeted SMS in the Middle East area; targeting availability depend on the country you want to send messages to.
  • Send to your own data base:In this case, you should send us your data. Please note that your data base will be highly secured.
  • Send to your own data base and expand it with your our own targeted data base.

Our SMS specialists can handle your entire campaign, from creating it to spreading a tailored SMS campaign just for you.
We just need you to:

  • Specify your targets
  • Choose the Originator/Sender ID of your messages, It should not exceed 11 characters.
  • Either simply send us your message or we can even create the message for you upon giving us necessary details about what you want to achieve,such as the purpose of the campaign or the product you want to advertise.

Contact Us and we will supply you with the required info.