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Prevent my mobile content from being distributed for free
Provision subscribers' handsets with OTA services
Determine subscribers' handsets models and features
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Create distinctive premium sms services
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Our customers think of us as a critical extension of their product development and speak highly of our technically skilled services staff.

They do business with us because of our commitment to be more than just a technology company

«PowerMeMobile is a trusted resource ensuring successful end-to-end deployment of new services».

This is one of the most important differentiations that makes us a powerful VAS partner.

PowerMeMobile offers a wide range of services that includes product installation, deployment, product enhancements, integration, support and training to meet your technical and business needs. This comprehensive set of service options is designed to complement your internal resources and improve your operational efficiency while helping you to reach your profitability goals.

By successfully overcoming key challenges, operators can reap the rewards offered by advanced messaging solutions.
Most operators see mobile entertainment and content services as the key elements going forward. Thus, if you are looking for Managed Value Added Services you are in the right place.

Let PowerMeMobile deliver value to your business by:

  • Driving ARPU by increasing subscriber content download revenue
  • Providing easy-to-use content and services that capture customers and entice them to download content or experience the services offered.
  • Implementing a full ecosystem at lower cost than building internally
  • Increasing speed-to-market mobile content & services and reducing cost: PowerMeMobile VAS can be easily and rapidly integrated into the operator network environments. Our team works professionally with the operator to ensure the success of the process. This approach reduces cost and complexity for mobile operators.
  • Building long term brand loyalty & improving the consumer experience: Operators get a customized PowerMeMobile template to enable them to brand all aspects of the service. This provides flexibility to build your brand, therefore decreases churn.
  • Stimulating incremental demand for core services such as MMS, GPRS, WAP: PowerMeMobile's innovative content and services incite customers to use many services offered by the operator. This will increase revenues of operator's core services.
  • Managing mobile content and services while you concentrate on what you do best: PowerMeMobile offers to handle a complete and end-to-end solution of your mobile content and services, leaving you all the time to focus and improve your core business.
  • Integrating applications with existing infrastructure: Most of our applications integrate with the operator's existing SMSC, MMSC and billing systems. There is a minimal overhead of installation and maintenance.
  • Generating sales by maximizing interaction with clients: High entertainment value and ease of use attract new consumers. Some of our applications are especially favored by the growing number of youth/teenage subscribers.

By choosing to partner with Power Me Mobile, you are promised to receive:

  • Creative input and design
  • Advanced promotional and advertising tools from web to WAP templates
  • Service provisioning and management
  • Innovative and competitive content
  • Intelligent Marketing and advertising material from our experienced design team
  • Real-time data reporting to allow the operator to quickly react to market changes and conditions
  • Differentiated & personalized services
  • Best result due to our successful experiences with many operators & portals

Take advantage of our proven expertise and reputation already deployed by many operators worldwide. This ensures that our innovative value-added services will assist you in exceeding your customers' expectations in a fast-changing environment.

Customizable content & solution
PowerMeMobile can provide managed customizable content and solutions for mobile operators:

  • Customized web and WAP portal with operator look and feel
  • Customized content & services provisioning and reporting to meet your specific needs
  • Recommendations and targeted promotion and advertising based on user profile and compatible content offerings
  • Implementing mobile content control
  • Subscription management
  • Personalized data services

Mobile operators need to deliver the right products to the right customer.

«PowerMeMobile's end-to-end solution will match your needs».

Mobile operators usually concentrate on portals as their main sales channel.
Unfortunately portals constitutes less than 10% of the traffic. We prefer to deal with all the sales channels.

Portal : We can provide you with a portal with your own "look and feel" hosted on our servers that would allow your subscribers to browse the full catalogue of content and services and guide them on how to purchase. The portal can also be accessed thru Wap and any Java application installed on the phone.

SMS Broadcast : We will conduct sales promotions by SMS broadcasts via your SMS-C that provides high sales value.

Advertising & promotion: We can help in the design of your advertising and promotion campaigns in cooperation with your marketing department or your advertising agency and in accordance with your branding budgets.

Java applet: We have Java applets under development which will be a revolutionary way of selling mobile products and services and will rival all current systems: Sim- based, USSD, etc. It can either be sent via OTA to the user's phone or embedded on the SIM card.

Delivery platform: We provide you with our own product delivery platform via your SMS-C, MMS-C or WAP/CSD systems.

IVR and PSMS: We can interface with your IVR platform and provide an online management system with full real-time stats reporting or run all your entire Premium SMS system to meet your requirements.

«By successfully overcoming key challenges, operators can reap the rewards offered by Value Added Services».

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